Friday, February 8, 2013

Discipline4boys - Collection 3

Discipline4boys - Collection 3

Collection of films from the now-defunct discipline4boys (2005-2010). Some films has already been inserted in the GT. There are also films that were not available. I warn you ! Because of the subject (bdsm, spanking, needles, humiliation), the images are dramatic. Only for fans of the genre!
This is the third collection of nine collections!
Full collection has about ~ 25 GB.

First Timers 1

First Timers 2

First Timers 3

First Timers 4

Forbidden Fruit

Getting off on the wrong Foot

Gipsy Lament 1

Gipsy Lament 2

Gipsy Lament 3

Gothic Inferno 1

Gothic Inferno 2

Gothic Inferno 3

Hard Currency 1

Hard Currency 2

Hard Currency 3

Hell in Chains 1

Hell in Chains 2

Home Care 1

Home Care 2

Hooks for Lukas

Total size: 2.5 GB in 20 files.
Download Discipline4boys - Collection 3

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