Sunday, February 3, 2013

Discipline4boys - Collection 8

Discipline4boys - Collection 8

Collection of films from the now-defunct discipline4boys (2005-2010). Some films has already been inserted in the GT. There are also films that were not available. I warn you ! Because of the subject (bdsm, spanking, needles, humiliation), the images are dramatic. Only for fans of the genre!
This is the eighth collection of nine collections!
Full collection has about ~ 25 GB.

Genre: fetish, spanking, bondage, master, slave
Video: SiteRip, AVI, DviX, MP3

Screenshots Videos:

Termix Case 1

Termix Case 2

This I will teach you

Thy shall not sin

Training of Thomas 1

Training of Thomas 2

Training of Thomas 3

Vanilla or no Mercy

Vilem 1

Vilem 2

Vilem 3

Villainy does not pay off 1

Villainy does not pay off 2

Violation of Trust 1

Violation of Trust 2

Violation of Trust 3

Visit from Africa

Way to Hell 1

Way to Hell 2

Weekend Present 1

Weekend Present 2

Total size: 2.3 GB in 21 files.
Discipline4boys - Collection 8


  1. I'm so pleased you have Training of Thomas. It's the most exquisitely cruel piece of film, and Thomas is a wonderful submissive. I think he appeared in another D4B movie, but I can't find it here?

  2. I think Lukas (NeedleworkHell in chains) is a phenomenom also!